GIM CEO Shamim Munshi feature in Som Magazine

In the February issue of Som Magazine, Global Incentives Manufacturing (GIM) CEO talks about his upbringing, and how meeting, Courtney Jordan, Mary Bassey, and Mandee Woodard, the Heads of GIM’s Parent company, forever changed his life. Shamim also speaks on the struggles of being a young leader and the challenges he faced in assuming the role … Read moreGIM CEO Shamim Munshi feature in Som Magazine

Graphene Is the Future of Textiles

Being hailed as the strongest material ever tested on this planet is impressive to say the least. Since its (re)discovery and isolation in 2004, graphene has worn that title with pride, beating out everything from diamonds to steel – and winning Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize in Physics “for groundbreaking experiments regarding … Read moreGraphene Is the Future of Textiles

What is Winding | Objects and Requirements of Winding

What is Winding? The process of transferring yarns from bobbin, hank, ring etc. into a convenient package is known as winding. It can be mechanical or electrical. Warp yarn is wound on cheese, cone and flanged bobbin packages and weft yarn is wound on cop and pirn packages. Fig: Winding of yarn Object of Winding: … Read moreWhat is Winding | Objects and Requirements of Winding

What is Sizing in Weaving?

Sizing is the process of applying adhesive coating on the surface of yarn. This process is dome after completing warping process. It is one the most important process to achieve optimum weaving proficiency specially for filament and blended yarns. Fig: Sizing process used in weaving technology It should be noted here that, due to application of sizing materials upon … Read moreWhat is Sizing in Weaving?

What is Winding Efficiency

Winding efficiency is the ratio of actual production and calculated production which is expressed as percentage. Winding efficiency = Actual production / Calculated production × 100 It should be noted here that, calculated production is always higher than actual production. Fig: Pirn winding machine Key Factors of Winding Efficiency: There are some key factors of winding … Read moreWhat is Winding Efficiency