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What is fabric serviceability and what factors and purposes does fabric serviceability testing involve

Serviceability refers to the ability to repair, clean, and use something. In the context of fabric, serviceability means that the fabric can be cleaned and repaired. When the fabric can no longer be cleaned or repaired, its serviceability has ended. This post will discuss the concept of fabric serviceability in more detail, including the factors that affect it and the purposes of fabric serviceability testing.

When does fabric become unserviceable

Fabric and garments do not come with an expiration date, and their lifespan depends on the user and how it is used. Fabric may become unserviceable if it has shrunk or the colors have faded, or if fashion trends change and users are no longer interested in the product. Protective clothing or workwear may become unserviceable if it becomes irreparable or can no longer provide the necessary protection. Fading of colors can also make protective clothing unserviceable. These are the typical situations in which fabric may be considered unserviceable for both everyday garments and specialized protective work garments.


Factors That Can Cause Fabric To Become Unserviceable

  • Physical damage of the fabric beyond repair
  • Fading of colours over time
  • Fabric shrinkage that causes fitting issues in the garment
  • Fashion trends changing
  • The fabric snagging or tearing
  • Broken stitches and seams

These factors are commonly used to consider when a fabric becomes unserviceable. Now, let’s discuss the purposes of fabric serviceability testing.

Purposes Of Fabric Serviceability Testing

Performance monitoring is an important aspect of choosing the right fabric for your manufacturing process. Fabric serviceability tests can provide comparative data on how different fabrics perform and help you select the best fabric for your specific needs. These tests can also assist in finding a fabric that will give your garments the desired finish and help you choose the most suitable fabric when you have limited options. In conclusion, fabric serviceability tests are useful for determining the best fabric for your project and ensuring that you achieve the desired results.

Helping You Choose The Best Fabric For Your Project

When faced with a limited selection of fabrics and uncertain about which one will work best for your project, fabric serviceability tests can provide helpful data to guide your decision-making and ensure that you achieve the desired look in your finished project.


In conclusion, This is a brief overview of fabric serviceability, its factors, and its purposes. To learn more about fabric serviceability or just the garments and apparel industry in general, check out Global Incentives Manufacturing. They are one of India’s premier white-label apparel manufacturers and exporters that can help you produce high-quality garments and export them to various countries on over six continents.

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